Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Have you ever noticed whenever you Google something that you begin to see similar ads about that same product or service on Facebook or Instagram? Do you know why? We must admit, it is freakishly creepy, however extremely valuable to businesses and advertisers like ourselves. Not to mention it is valuable to the end consumer as well since they are being shown products or services they are actively looking for.

How does this work?

Well, Facebook and Instagram are all integrated with Google and they will indirectly show the end consumer whatever it is they are looking for to help drive awareness or revenue.

Facebook advertising is beneficial for those who are trying to show what they have to offer to as many people as possible for a relatively much cheaper price than any other major social media platforms. With Facebook advertising, we have the ability to target specific interests, demographics, and geographical areas. This way every single dime you spend on advertising is going towards a qualified prospect. Traditional advertising such as bus advertisements target everyone, even though not everyone is looking for that product or service. If you have more questions regarding Facebook advertising

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